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Walmart International Operations engineering crew is withinside the leading edge of constructing omnichannel transactional systems (Cart, Checkout, Payments and Promotions) for each of our eCommerce and keep customers. Our crew is growing, and we’re seeking out a particularly prompted Software Engineer who can be gambling an important function withinside the implementation of multi-tenant, particularly to be had and omnichannel transactional offerings for our worldwide customers, each e-commerce and store.

About Team:

Our crew collaborates with Walmart International, which has over 5,900 retail gadgets running outdoors of America beneathneath fifty-five banners in 26 international locations inclusive of Africa, Argentina, Canada, Central America, Chile, China, India, Japan, and Mexico, to call a few.

What you will do:

  • Working with a product to apprehend the necessities, create low degree layout and put it in force.
  • Working with different based groups and ensuring your low-degree layout will fulfill their necessities as well.
  • You can be operating with a crew who adopted  TDD/Shift left to take a look at the approach. Should be capable of healthy into that organization well

Remote Walmart Careers

What you will bring:

  • Ability to apprehend an enterprise requirement, convert it to an operating low-degree layout and put it in force with the right testing.
  • Ability to debug modern-day code and combine new functionalities to it with the aid of using ensuring new and present-use instances are operating as expected.
  • Ability to give you sufficient makes use of instances for a client functionality.
  • Ability to supply speedy without compromising code or useful quality.

About Walmart Global Tech

Imagine operating in surroundings in which one line of code could make lifestyles simpler for masses of hundreds of thousands of people. That’s what we do at Walmart Global Tech. We’re a crew of software program engineers, facts scientists, cybersecurity experts and provider specialists withinside the world’s main store who make an epic effect and are at the vanguard of the subsequent retail disruption. People are why we innovate, and that electricity our innovations. We are people-led and tech-empowered. We teach our crew withinside the skillsets of destiny and convey in professionals such as you to assist us to grow. We have roles for the ones chasing their first possibility in addition to the ones seeking out the possibility with the purpose to outline their profession. Here, you may kickstart a terrific profession in tech, advantage of new competencies and experience for absolutely each industry, or leverage your understanding to innovate at scale, affect hundreds of thousands and reimagine the destiny of retail.


Benefits: Beyond our exceptional repayment package, you could acquire incentive awards for your performance. Other exceptional perks encompass 401(k) match, inventory buy plan, paid maternity and parental leave, PTO, a couple of fitness plans, and plenty more.

Minimum Qualifications…

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, computer information systems, software engineering, or related area and 2 years’ experience in software engineering or related area.

While the specific rules and responsibilities of companies in the United States can vary depending on factors such as industry, size, and location, there are some common rules and responsibilities that many companies adhere to. Here are a few examples:

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  2. Equal employment opportunity: Companies are expected to provide equal employment opportunities to all individuals, regardless of their race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or genetic information. This includes complying with laws such as Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  3. Payroll and tax obligations: Companies are responsible for properly handling payroll, including calculating and withholding taxes from employees’ wages, and submitting the required tax payments to federal, state, and local tax authorities. They must also provide employees with necessary tax forms, such as W-2s.
  4. Workplace safety and security: Companies must provide a safe and secure work environment for their employees. This includes implementing safety protocols, providing necessary safety training, maintaining equipment and facilities, and addressing potential hazards.
  5. Non-discrimination and harassment policies: Many companies have policies in place to prevent discrimination and harassment in the workplace. These policies often include procedures for reporting and addressing complaints, as well as consequences for violators.
  6. Privacy and data protection: Companies are expected to handle the personal and sensitive information of their employees and customers responsibly. This may involve implementing measures to protect data privacy, complying with applicable data protection laws, and informing individuals about the collection, use, and storage of their personal information.
  7. Ethical conduct and corporate social responsibility: Companies are encouraged to conduct their business ethically and responsibly. This may include promoting fair trade practices, adhering to environmental regulations, supporting social causes, and practicing transparency in their operations.

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